Steigenberger Hotels and Resorts - WLAN

Free WiFi

Now surf for free in InterCityHotels


A green light for free WiFi access in the hotels of the Steigenberger Hotel Group! With a bandwidth of up to 256 KB/s, you can check your mails before breakfast, check the latest sales figures during a meeting, or follow your current online auction. And, if you require a greater bandwidth for larger data volume, you can easily purchase this extra.

  • free WiFi in all areas of the participating hotels (technical conditions permitting)
  • no time limit - for entire duration of stay
  • up to 256 KB/s: ideal for messages and attachments up to 2 MB


Participating InterCityHotels



InterCityHotel Augsburg
InterCityHotel Berlin Hauptbahnhof
InterCityHotel Berlin Ostbahnhof
InterCityHotel Berlin-Brandenburg Airport
InterCityHotel Bonn
InterCityHotel Bremen
InterCityHotel Celle
InterCityHotel Darmstadt
InterCityHotel Dresden
InterCityHotel Düsseldorf
InterCityHotel Erfurt
InterCityHotel Essen
InterCityHotel Frankfurt
InterCityHotel Frankfurt Airport
InterCityHotel Freiburg
InterCityHotel Gelsenkirchen
InterCityHotel Hamburg-Altona
InterCityHotel Hamburg Hauptbahnhof
InterCityHotel Hannover
InterCityHotel Kassel
InterCityHotel Kiel
InterCityHotel Leipzig
InterCityHotel Magdeburg
InterCityHotel Mainz
InterCityHotel Mannheim
InterCityHotel München
InterCityHotel Nürnberg
InterCityHotel Rostock
InterCityHotel Stralsund
InterCityHotel Stuttgart
InterCityHotel Ulm
InterCityHotel Wuppertal



InterCityHotel Wien