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Art in the Hotel

InterCityHotel support young artists

In line with the modern flair of these hotels, special attention has been paid to the choice of pictures. Under the mentoring of the lecturer, Silke Helmerdig, students of art at the Braunschweig (Brunswick) University were given the task of creating photographs depicting specific locations and emphasizing the subject of "urbanity and the modern" – i.e. true "intercity". These photographs are now on display in the public areas and in the rooms of the InterCityHotels involved. This unique cooperation between a major German hotel chain and a University College of Art offers young artists the opportunity of presenting their work to a wide public. Simultaneously, the InterCityHotels also profit from the project by making the hotels in which the artwork is displayed even more attractive and, at the same time, enabling them to present the characteristics of the individual cities and the hotels.

Contacts Artists

InterCityHotel Berlin-Brandenburg Airport


Fotokunsprojekt BBA


download flyer Berlin-Brandenburg Airport

Contacts Artists:

Alexandra Heide

Rico Lützner


Offers InterCityHotel Berlin-Brandenburg Airport




InterCityHotel Berlin Hauptbahnhof


Fotokunsprojekt Berlin Hbf


download flyer Berlin Hauptbahnhof

Contacts Artists:

Renke Brandt
Stefan Brückner
János Buck
Giorgio Morra


Offers InterCityHotel Berlin Hauptbahnhof


InterCityHotel Bonn

Fotokunstprojekt Bonn


download flyer Bonn

Contacts Artists:

Benedikt Brandhofer

Leif Marcus


Offers InterCityHotel Bonn




InterCityHotel Darmstadt


Fotokunstprojekt Darmstadt


download flyer Darmstadt

Contacts Artists:

Philip Frowein

Felix Hüffelmann


Offers InterCityHotel Darmstadt




InterCityHotel Dresden


Fotokunstprojekt Dresden


download flyer Dresden

Contacts Artists:

Sebastian Lang

Sebastian Weiß


Offers InterCityHotel Dresden




InterCityHotel Enschede

Fotokunstprojekt Enschede

download flyer Enschede

Contacts Artists:

Johannes Heinke

Fabian Rockenfeller


Offers InterCityHotel Enschede


InterCityHotel Essen


Fotokunstprojekt Essen


download flyer Essen

Contacts Artists:

Alwina Simon

Angelika Unterreiner


Offers InterCityHotel Essen


InterCityHotel Frankfurt-Airport


Fotokunstprojekt InterCityHotel Frankfurt Airport


download flyer Frankfurt

Contacts Artists:

Janosch Boerckel

Tim Dechent


Offers InterCityHotel Frankfurt-Airport




InterCityHotel Hamburg Dammtor-Messe

Fotokunstprojekt InterCityHotel Hamburg Dammtor Messe

download flyer Hamburg Dammtor-Messe

Contacts Artists:

Anna Domnick

Ulrike Schmid

Offers InterCityHotel Hamburg Dammtor-Messe




InterCityHotel Hannover


Fotokunstprojekt Hannover


download flyer Hannover

Contacts Artists:

Stefanie Boafo

Shantala Fels


Offers InterCityHotel Hannover




InterCityHotel Ingolstadt



Fotokunstprojekt Ingolstadt

download flyer Ingolstadt

Contacts Artists:

Jenny Bewer

Daniela Duckwitz


Offers InterCityHotel Ingolstadt


InterCityHotel Kiel


Fotokunstprojekt Kiel


download flyer Kiel

Contacts Artists:

Andrea Grambow

Joscha Kirchknopf


Offers InterCityHotel Kiel




InterCityHotel Leipzig


Fotokunstprojekt Leipzig


download flyer Leipzig

Contacts Artists:

Susann Dietrich

Michael Jahn


Offers InterCityHotel Leipzig




InterCityHotel Mainz


Fotokunstprojekt Mainz


download flyer Mainz

Contacts Artists:

Nikola Fahlbusch


Offers InterCityHotel Mainz



InterCityHotel Mannheim


Fotokunstprojekt Mannheim


download flyer Mannheim

Contacts Artists:

Susann Dietrich

Michael Jahn


Offers InterCityHotel Mannheim




InterCityHotel Ulm


Fotokunstprojekt Ulm


download flyer Ulm

Contacts Artists:

Merlin Laumert

Nicolai Rapp


Offers InterCityHotel Ulm




InterCityHotel Vienna


Fotokunstprojekt Wien


download flyer Wien

Contacts Artists:

Matthias H. Risse

Cem Kozcuer


Offers InterCityHotel Vienna